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Cscott 18 days ago

Eckl's Steakout

Steak was very tender. The perfect size for lunch! Service was excellent, too!

C Higgins 29 days ago

Carved Roast Beef on Weck

We went to Eckl's at Larkin with a party of six. We each tried something different on the menu, and everybody loved their dishes! It's hard to pick our top dishes - but my vote would be the lobster bisque and beef on weck. Both were exceptional! Our only complaint is how many items they were out of, but we will go back to try them. Thanks for a great evening!

Beachbum923 about 2 months ago

Beyond Burger

Sooo good. Satisfies your desire for a really tasty burger.

Rap170 2 months ago

House Dry Aged

The restaurant is beautiful and the staff was amazing. Great 40th birthday celebration for my sister. Everyone in our party of 9 enjoyed their meal. I had the House Dry Aged Ribeye and it was the BEST steak I have ever eaten. Will definitely be coming back!

James 3 months ago

Carved Roast Beef on Weck

Cannot get enough of this So happy I can walk across the street at any time to get one of these. Nailed a Buffalo classic.

Donovankayla12 3 months ago

Steak House Wedge

Me and my husband have returned repeatedly for this salad! We also love the chicken sandwich and beef on weck egg rolls. We are quickly becoming "regulars" at the Larkin location!

Darcicramer 3 months ago

Grilled/Steamed asparagus

It amazes me that even in the winter, the grilled asparagus are perfect!

Darcicramer 3 months ago

Larkin Cobb

Great combination of flavors! Try it with seared scallops on top!

Darcicramer 3 months ago

Potato Pancakes

Don't tell my mom, but these are better than hers!

Lonx1143 3 months ago

Seared Scallops

Absolutely the best I've ever had.

Ebuehler72 3 months ago

Carved Roast Beef on Weck

Love the food and staff. The beef on weck is exceptional and the staff is always friendly and helpful. We would go every week and they knew where we liked to sit and our drinks and our regular order. Always a great place to eat.. We were never unhappy when we left.

Nalahjoseph 4 months ago

8oz. Filet Mignon

This dish had me head over heals! I have never had steak that was so tender. This steak just melted in my mouth and all the flavors gracefully came together. I will be back very soon!

Jennifer.Kirwan 5 months ago

Butternut Lasagna

I have been to Eckl's many times and the food is always delicious. The atmosphere is fantastic and the service is great. Love this place.

Mpddgd 5 months ago

Bone-In Twin Chops

Best iv'e ever had, highly recommended!!

Fifi61 5 months ago

Lobster Bisque

The lobster bisque is amazing! I always get it if it is on the menu and hope it's as good as I anticipate. Eckl's lobster bisque is the best! You get a generous portion for the price and the sherry (your choice to add or not) brings out a depth in flavor that is unmatched. I highly recommend!

Stephdwill 5 months ago

Lamb Lolly Chop

This is a wonderful dish for any lamb lover! Justin has been in the kitchen preparing many tasty dishes for several weeks. Come in to Eckyl's OP to meet him and enjoy a great meal! The friendly and capable staff will welcome you and set you up for a good dining experience!

Kait 20 days ago

Eckl's Roast Beef

Catering from Eckl's is fantastic, both dining in and take out are equally impressive.

Stacey8400 about 1 month ago

Beyond Burger

This burger is amazing. It was cooked perfectly and was probably one of the best vegan burgers I have ever eaten. The burger was loaded with flavor and was served at the perfect temperature. The décor of the restaurant is very classy and worth checking out. I will be coming back to try other items on the menu

John.Dudek 2 months ago

Lobster Bisque

This dish tastes exactly how you think a lobster bisque should taste. Delicious!

Dawn 2 months ago

Stuffed Banana Peppers

Have to be some of the best banana peppers I've ever had. A nice kick to them, great tasting stuffing and cooked to a tender perfection!

Riainst 3 months ago

Filet Wellington

This meal was outstanding. The beef was so tender it just melted in your mouth. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Will definitely go back again. Beautiful atmosphere.

Bbraunscheidel 3 months ago

Carved Roast Beef on Weck

You will never have better!! Also, the best fries in town!

Darcicramer 3 months ago

Filet Mignon

The petit filet is one of my favorite dishes to order, because it's exactly the right portion size for me. There's something about being able to finish the whole thing that's very satisfying! I order it with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Darcicramer 3 months ago

Arancini Fungi

Never had arancini with mushrooms inside before. OMG, SO good!

Darcicramer 3 months ago

Grattoir Short Rib

AMAZING. The polenta was SO creamy, and the meat just fell apart. The flavor was fantastic! Perfect for a cold night!

Dmbfan1073 3 months ago

Beyond Burger

I brought my husband in for his birthday and we had a wonderful meal together with attentive service. I had the beyond burger and it definitely was that; perfectly cooked and seasoned. The burger melted in my mouth and was unlike anything I've ever eaten. We are definitely coming back soon!

Mike 4 months ago

Carved Roast Beef on Weck

Eckl's has always ranked among the best, if not THE best RB on KW in the area. Never, ever, disappoints. Service is always superb as well.

Kseider 5 months ago

BBQ Wrapped Scallops

So yummy!!! Great environment too! Everyone was extremely nice it was a very wonderful evening!

Dawaldorf 5 months ago

Seared Sea Bass

Beautiful presentation and even more delicious taste! Also a fan of the lobster bisque and the steak out sandwich! The service is friendly and the atmosphere inviting and comfortable! Don't forget to visit Carter at the bar!

Caralovullo 5 months ago

Butternut Lasagna

Going to dinner I did not have lasagna in mind, let alone butternut squash. As I saw them bring the dish to another table, I asked our waitress what that tantalizing food was. She recommended it and I'm glad I went for it. It came out fresh and hot with the steam still coming off. It was very filling but in a good way. Made for excellent leftovers (almost better the second time over).

Annelsaldanha 5 months ago


eckl"s is one of my favorite restaurants...& the crisp salmon dish is my very favorite. the combination of the potato net, the scallop filling, the lemon beurre blanc sauce, is delicious, tasty & habit-forming. Unless you dislike salmon, you owe it to yourself to try it .

Lkozaczka 7 months ago

Buffalo's Best Beef on Weck

Delicious and generously proportioned. Beef was cooked just right. Another person besides me at our table ordered this as well and was equally satisfied!


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